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Woman's Health is something I am extremely passionate about and  I think so often society doesn't approach health issues from a woman's perspective. We get pulled in so many directions of what is right/wrong. There are many non-physical reasons for hormonal imbalances, irregular periods, struggling to fall pregnant, pregnancy symptoms, intimacy issues, pain and so on; and this often get's overlooked. Kinesiology is extremely successful in helping understanding and  balancing the individual's focus from a wholistic point of view, as it takes into account the mental, emotional and physical. We have a multiple of different processes and through muscle monitoring we determine the one that is best for the individuals focus and the way in which their system needs to recuperate from this stress. Often we don't realise our subconscious stress and belief patterns that are preventing our bodies from functioning to the best of their ability, this is where I believe Kinesiology can be extremely beneficial.

More specifically; these are some of the things we can help with:

  • Balancing the system to help hormone regulation.

  • Unraveling any stress/barriers that may be preventing a woman from falling pregnant.

  • Looking at any barriers (emotional/mental/physical) that are causing discomfort around intimacy.

  • Balancing the baby in utero to help with any stress or discomfort they may have. 

  • Helping any expecting moms with any pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, headaches, indigestion, irregular sleep and so on. 

  • Helping support moms and babies after birth.

  •  Balancing your baby/toddler to any stress that may arise such as sleep issues, colic, sickness, sensory discomfort and so on. 

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