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Kinesiology can be incredibly beneficial to horses. It works to help them heal on a physical, mental and emotional level. Whether they are not recovering from an injury, keep getting injured, are lashing out, biting, kicking, bucking, highly strung, nervous or spooking; kinesiology can help. 


With horses my focus is around de-stressing and balancing the animal relative to the focus/cause of the distress. I help owners understand their horses and how they are responding to a situation. I then provide tools to owners with how to engage with their horses in a way that is most beneficial to both the animal and the owner. Due to years of experience with horse’s I also provide guidance to riders on how to adjust their riding positions and strategies so that they can approach situations from a point of view the horse can understand. I offer behavioural sessions where I use both Kinesiology and behavioural training techniques to help improve rider/horse communication. As I always say:

There is no such thing as a naughty horse, just a misunderstood one.


I began working on horses because of the overwhelming passion I have for them and for finding ways to work with, and best understand them. I have myself ridden for 13 years and it has felt like Kinesiology was the missing piece I needed in my relationship with horses. The difference I have seen it make in their lives is amazing and the way it has helped me adapt my approach to working with them has been beyond beneficial. I am so grateful for the work and I hope to be able to share it with more and more horses and owners. 

Client Testimonial 

I have a horse that has had issues with food since coming off the track. After he kicked my dad and I, I decided that I needed to try something to prevent him hurting anyone else. Sinead came to see him and he was immediately less aggressive. From the first session he had stopped trying to kick when food was around and he ended up becoming less aggressive after his second session, so much so that I did not need another for that specific issue!
- I.I
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